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Snarky McBitchypants
12 February 1977
Coventry, Rhode Island, United States
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Toll Gate High School - Warwick RI (1993 - 1995)
University of Rhode Island - Kingston RI (1995 - 1996)
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3d art, adobe, alcohol, amigurumi, aquariums, art, bdsm, beads, beer, black, black lights, blue, body shots, bondage, books, boots, bubble baths, c25k, camarades, cams, candles, cats, cheese, clay, comic books, comics, computers, corsets, couch to 5k, cpht, crochet, crossing jordan, depression, disco, divx, dragon cave, dragoncave, dreamweaver, ebay, ed, eddie, edmcbride, eeyore, eonar, fiance visa, fimo, fire, fish, fishnet stockings, geeks, going down on guys, goldfish, graphic design, green, guys in tight jeans, hairpin crochet, hairpin lace, high heels, hot showers, html, icq, icuii, ifriends, joseph michael linsner, kissing, lace, lava lamps, leather, lingerie, livejournal, long distance relationships, massages, meat, men, monkeys, more sex, movies, mp3s, mudding, muds, music, newts, nipple clamps, oral sex, origami, pagan, pharmacy technician, phone sex, photography, photoshop, pizza, poi, polymer clay, pooh, poser, poser 4, pringles, purple, rain, rpg, rpgs, rum, running, sand, satin, sculpey, sex, shoutcast, slash, smaug, sock monkeys, sockmonkeys, socks, spankings, taco bell, tarot cards, tattoos, tech support, tequila, the ocean, the sims, the sims 2, tigger, tightlacing, touching eddie's pee-pee, toys, vacations, video games, videos, vodka, warez, web design, webcams, wicca, winamp, world of warcraft, wow
I'm a 31 year old chick from Rhode Island. I'm married to edmcbride (whom I met here on LJ). I have a homepage.

Sometimes I have evil thoughts.

I really, really hate Ben Stiller.

I post 3d artwork of scantily clad women sometimes. I mention my sex life and its ups and downs (and ins and outs) when the feeling comes over me. I swear. I make fun of people. I'm not very politically correct. I might be considered by some to be offensive or give out too much information. I rarely use the lj-cut tag. Don't like it, don't read it. If my entries are too long for you, feel free to skip over them. I won't mind. Honest.

Just because you add me to your friends list doesn't mean I'm going to add you to mine. Just because I don't comment on your journal doesn't mean I don't read it.
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