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Random Wednesday Update

It’s been steady in the Coin-Op Workshop lately. I’ve done a few birthday presents, a mother’s day present, and my first swap pony. I did a couple of random presents. All were huge hits. I’ve done about 20 ponies since December, and I’m constantly amazed at just how much people like them.

Right now, I’m working on two commissions and three personal projects, all of which are complete learning experiences for me. I’m working on my first major attempts at sculpting. I did some basic sculpting with my recent Caramel and Spitfire commissions, but these are much more extensive projects. In one of them, a personal project, I tried my hand at sculpting a corset on a pony, and I’m rather pleased with how it turned out.

For a commission, I had to cut/shave down the legs of a pony and then smooth everything back out into the proper shape. I’ve also got a lot of decorative bits to add to it. Tonight, while I was smoothing out the legs and fixing the bumps I’d put it one leg while trying to fix a mistake on another leg, I wondered whether or not I’d bitten off more than I can chew with this particular project. I just have to keep telling myself that my buyer is confident in my skills and believes that this will be turn out awesome, and they wouldn’t feel that way if I didn’t have the skills to do what I’m trying to do.

Happy Family

Chaucer took Eddie’s seat, so Eddie takes mine.


She just needs hair and will be all finished.  I :heart:  her tiny freckles.

(Her mark is done, it's just hidden)

Painting eyes is my favorite part of doing ponies.  When I get to the eyes, I know that I'm almost done, since painting their bodies takes more time than anything else.

More weekend projects….

I told myself that I wasn't going to work on Sunday.

I worked anyway.

However, I've got this week off (and maybe next week), so I'll be working on the five commissions that need to get done.

Right now, however:  coffee.

Come out and play!

After a lot of thought on the matter, Eddie and I went out a couple of weeks ago and got a new ferret.  Eddie's rule was that we could get one, but it needed to be an all white one, and it needed to have dark eyes.  It needed to be a baby, so they it grew up with the cats.  We'd gone to the pet store a weekend earlier, and neither of the two that were there met Eddie's requirements, so we figured we'd wait and see if any more came into the shop the next weekend.

The next weekend we were in the same shopping plaza as the pet store, and stopped in to see what they had.  At some point during the week they'd received a new shipment of ferrets, and had about 6 in the ferret display.  Right away, I could see that there were no white ones in there, but Eddie knelt down to look through the glass and this tiny ball of fluffy attitude bounded straight at him.  It had a little white bib and just the sweetest little face, and Eddie was smitten.  We decided that we'd go home, check to make sure we had all the pieces to the cage, and go back to the store later that afternoon or the next day.

We went back later that afternoon, and I held her while Eddie grabbed a couple of things we needed. She was still a ball of attitude, and I noticed that she had a very thin little blaze of white down the top of her head. Something in the part of my brain that stores random knowledge and song lyrics remembered that blazes are usually a sign of deafness in ferrets, but some other part of my brain thought, "It's small, that must mean that it's less likely that she's deaf than if she had a giant white streak."  Why I thought that, I don't know.  We did some testing when we got her home and she's as deaf as a stone, and further reading taught me that the white bib is also an indicator of deafness, as is her stubby little tail, her white toes, and the white specks she's got on her back legs.

Eddie named her Gimli, after the Lord of the Rings character.  He'd actually thought of the name before we'd even gone back and picked her up, deciding on the name when she'd first bounced up to him.  She's small, furry, and full of over-confident attitude.  We're still getting used to her deafness; she's very bitey and we can't just tell her "NO!" when she does it, because she can't hear us.  We can't just use a squeaky toy to lure her out of hiding places.    But she's adorable, and she loves chasing around the boys.


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